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This is where I'll talk about the game Counter Strike for the PC.
By: CBI Elite

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Introduction to Counter Strike
In-Game Screenshots
Other Picture Libraries
Introduction (Top)
   If you've ever followed the gaming industry, or visit game sites such as IGN and Gamespy, then you must have heard about Counter Strike one way or another. It's known primarily for it's realism and variety of real life (and real named) weapons and characters, as well as missions. It has recieved multiple awards for graphics, weapons, sounds, and of course, programming. Counter Strike was created by Valve and Sierra as a modification (MOD) to Half-Life, also a best-seller. However, it became more than just another MOD. Over the months of its release, more and more people began playing it and realized that it was a much better on-line game than Half-Life and many other games. Because of this, there are two versions: the free Half-Life MOD and the Retail version you purchase in store (if you don't have Half-Life). Since its release, it has undergone multiple upgrades (Beta, 1.0 to 1.5) with each one updating the effects and options in the game. From the LAN game options menu to the crosshair innacuracy level, this game has proven to the world that guns can be fun if used properly! Oh and in this FPS, running and shooting won't get you anywhere. Proper planning and controls are key elements to succeed in Counter Strike...especially version 1.5 where the weapon accuracy is directly dependent on your motion.

Ingame screenshot of map selection screen. Some of my preferred official CS maps would be:

Some of my preferred un-official CS maps would be:

Chart of weapon names, prices, & descriptions. The top 4 Rifles I prefer to use listed from best to worst:
M4A1 Colt
Steyr Aug
Sig SG 552 Commando

The top 4 Pistols I prefer to use listed from best to worst:
Israel Desert Eagle
Sig P228
H&K USP .45 Tactical
FN Five-Seven

In-Game Screenshots (Top)
   Well, now that that's covered, on to the fun stuff. Below are some screenshots of how Counter Strike V1.5 looks like. These were taken by me when playing on my school LAN. Most of the default weapon models were replaced with better ones so the weapons may not be the same for all CS players on the net.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

Image 4 Image 5 Image 6

Image 7 Image 8 Image 9

Image 10 Image 11 Image 12

Other picture libraries: (Top)
The problems with camping. (25 pics)
One, two, three kills in a row. ***Under Construction***
The reasons why being in front of a sniper is a bad thing. ***Under Construction***

   Mind you, the above pics were taken on my crappy laptop in Software mode. Newer computers have the ability to go into OpenGL mode which drastically increases performance and graphics. Software mode requires much more CPU than video card power, so it slows the gameplay down. I run a Compaq Armada E700 with a Pentium 2 and 128mb RAM at 433MHz. Basically what I'm trying to say is, if you have a laptop, don't expect to get zero ping and 100fps while playing. I just don't see that happening for older models, although you never know...

Resources (Top)
L337 (Leet) Game Language Translator (Created by: Hellkeepa)
Useful Ingame Commands
Weapon Characteristics ***Under Construction***