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Thank you to all of you who helped achieve over 11,000 hits on my webpage!

Makes me wish I had a guestbook. :P

  Welcome one and all to my webpage. My internet alias is CBI Elite, so when I mention that name, I'm talking about me! Here, you'll find a small bio on me, some pics, weapons, Counter Strike, and some interesting downloads I've found on the net. To start off, CBI stands for Centric Bureau of Intelligence, which was created in 1997 as a fictional corporation to star as the base of a short story assignment in my high school English class.

  From there, I built onto it and used it as my alias on the school LAN in multiplayer Quake 2 matches (Oy, those were the days!). It helped me later on in Design and Technology in grades 10, 11, and 12 by allowing me to build onto it's fictionous glory. The result, was an entire fictional story-line and many topics that built onto one-another to accomplish short stories and reports. Ah, the simplicity of fiction!

Anyways, that's it for the introduction. I hope you enjoy the rest of my webpage.

Website Updates

May 12, 2004.
   Finally edited out the links that don't least, not working yet. Some parts of the site have been updated and as for the offline sections, soon enough they will be fully online and ready to consume my bandwidth! This page was updated to reflect the heavy access to this webpage. Thank you to all of you who helped my little space on the net become as big as it is. A guestbook may be on route never know.

July 6, 2003.
   A 3D Archive was completed today including many of my pictures that I've made on 3D Studio MAX R3. 3D Studio is a piece of modelling software that allows the user to create 3D environments and objects.

July 2 - July 3, 2003.
   Started and finished the About Me section and hope to have a pic or two of me included. Nothin much, just a small personal bio.

June 25, 2003.
   After a long while with no main page, its finally done...and you're looking at it. Nothing much since it's still under construction (with many other parts of the site).

April 25, 2003.
   As an addition the weapons section, I have added a glossary of commonly used terminology which should help some of you better understand the meanings of the acronyms. In addition, a metric system note was included to give readers a better understanding of what ounces are in pouns and yards in meters.

April 20, 2003.
   A new section has been added describing my Favorite Weapons. Pictures were also added as well as some specs on the weapons' characterstics, features, weight, and capabilities.

April 8, 2003.
   The Counter Strike section was added as well as links to multiple resources, such as the LEET Translator and more in-game screenshots of campers doing what they do best. Other tips and in-game commands were also added shortly after as well as thumbnails smaller in size.